ISLAMABAD, Dec 01 (NNI): Pakistan on Friday demanded an investigation
into the attacks on hospitals, mosques and residential areas in Gaza by
the Israeli forces.

During weekly briefing here, Foreign Office spokesperson Mumtaz Zahrah
Baloch expressed concern over the Palestine situation.

She said attrocities on Palestinians should be stopped as Israel
continued to annihilate unarmed people of Gaza.

She said Pakistan stands along Palestinians.

The spokesperson said that Pakistan was delivering aid to Gaza through
Rafah crossing. “The world is facing difficulties in delivering aid to
besieged Gazans due to Israel’s blockade,” Ms Baloch added.

She said Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar has raised voice
in favor of Palestine and strongly condemned the ongoing Israeli

She urged the international community to take immediate action on the
situation in Palestine.

Ms Baloch said that India was committing serious violations of human
rights in its occupied Kashmir. The world should take notice of Indian
oppression of Kashmiri people and force India to stop atrocities.

Speaking about Afghanistan, the spokesperson said that the country has
been in political turmoil for a long time. The international community
has a responsibility to help the Afghan people and rebuild the country.

“Pakistan sympathizes with the Afghan people for long uncertainty,” she

The spokesperson said Islamabad doesn’t consider it appropriate to
respond to the anti-Pakistan statements by the Afghan officials.

She said repatriation of Afghans living illegally was going on smoothly.
A large number of them are returning voluntarily. Now, Afghan citizens
will be required to obtain a visa to visit Pakistan, she stated.

The spokesperson expressed concern on use of Afghan territory for
terrorism in Pakistan. “We hope that the Afghan authorities will take
action against the TTP, the banned outfit involved in terrorist
activities in Pakistan,” Ms Baloch concluded. NNI


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